MarSocSci | ITALY

The Mediterranean basin is a biodiversity hotspot, with 60% of the flora and about one third of the fauna that are endemic (source: IUCN). Sited at the centre of this important marine basin, Italy plays a strategic role in the management and conservation of the Mediterranean sea and all the consequent implications on the welfare of the coastal communities in the area.

In this view, the Italian chapter of the Marine Social Sciences Network has been established to welcome researchers, policy-makers and practitioners operating in the marine and coastal sector in Italy to allow establishing connections with other people who operate in the field of marine social sciences in Italy and internationally. The network is open to everyone, from early-career scientists to senior scholars, and the aim is to create a national community, supporting articulation and communication of the complex and complicated relationship between society and the sea in the Mediterranean basin.

The core group of the Marine Social Sciences Network Italy is:

Dr Elisa Baldrighi (CNR-IRBIM Ancona)

Dr Alberto Barausse (University of Padua)

Dr Antonio Calò (University of Palermo)

Dr Domenico D’Alelio (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn)

Dr Emanuela Dattolo (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn)

Dr Cristina Mangano (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn)

Dr Maria Vittoria Marra (MarSocSci Italy coordinator)

Antonella Petrocelli (CNR-IRSA Taranto)

To find out more about the Italian chapter of the Marine Social Sciences Network and to be added to the #marsocsciita Google Group where current events, job and collaboration opportunities happening in Italy are posted, contact Maria Vittoria Marra at [email protected].