Welcome to the Marine Social Sciences Network

Launched in September 2018, the Marine Social Sciences Network is an interdisciplinary and international network working to bring together a growing community and facilitate knowledge exchange between diverse stakeholders from across the marine and coastal sector. 

Increasing awareness and understanding of the integral role that social sciences can have in management and decision making for our global seas and coastline is key. The Network is building a multidisciplinary community, facilitating collaboration and dialogue across the marine sciences, economics, the arts and humanities.

The Marine Social Science Network was launched in a keynote address by Dr Emma McKinley, founder and Chair of the Network, at the Greenwich Maritime Centre’s Society and the Sea Conference, 6th and 7th September 2018. 

The aims of MarSocSci are to: 

Provide a ‘home’ for a growing online community of marine social science researchers, representing a range of disciplines and nations, and feeding into growing areas of research
Provide a platform for dialogue, discussion and collaboration
Promote social science as the gateway to embedding wider societal views and values into policy and management, and look at mapping social sciences against the global challenges
Provide a role for marine social sciences as science and evidence across policy and management processes
Position marine social sciences alongside natural and physical sciences, demonstrating the social value of marine systems and used to support communication and articulation of the complex and complicated relationship between society and the global seas and coasts

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