Adaptive Capacity Group

The Adaptive Capacity Group is a subtheme of the Marine Social Sciences Network working to understand adaptive capacity through a multidisciplinary lens. We meet to discuss the existing narratives surrounding adaptation and what adaptive capacity looks like in different contexts. Some of our plans include beginning a journal club and hosting panels with guest speakers.

In the meantime, if you would like to be a part of this group, please email [email protected]. We would be happy to have you join our discussions and browse our ongoing list of adaptive capacity literature!

Updates from #MarSocSciACap
In early April, we hosted an insightful talk by Dr. A.R. Siders from the Biden School of Public Policy at the University of Delaware. Dr. Siders’ talk consisted of methods for studying and defining adaptive capacity (AC) by linking determinants of AC, and discovering connections across these determinants. Dr. Siders touched upon tolerance ranges and coping capacity as measurements and links that can be incorporated into the definition of AC. Siders also presented theories for measuring these groups within AC as well as a new unpublished mathematical approach for measuring AC. Siders then ended with a brief discussion on her work on managed retreat. Keep an eye out for a recording of the talk on the MarSocSci YouTube Channel in the coming months!

In the meantime, don’t forget, if you are interested in reading more about adaptive capacity, you can view our current bibliography of adaptive capacity literature.